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Our Story

As a global company, we have strategically established teams across EMEA, America and Asia, ensuring a strong presence in key markets worldwide.


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide innovative VAT management solutions driven by AI technology. We are committed to automating processes, enhancing compliance, and maximizing VAT recovery for businesses and experts worldwide. Through our expertise and intelligent data analysis, we strive to optimize financial outcomes and propel our clients towards greater efficiency, compliance, and financial success.


Our Values


VAT4U is known for its innovative approach to VAT management. VAT4U is at the forefront of VAT management technology, with its award-winning VAT4U SmartAI technology that leverages AI-driven solutions to deliver cutting-edge automation.


VAT4U stands as a trusted partner for organizations seeking a comprehensive outsourced solution for VAT management. With a global network of local partners and branches, VAT4U ensures comprehensive coverage of VAT obligations across various jurisdictions.


VAT4U upholds a strong commitment to transparency, granting clients full access to its technology. From status updates and communication channels to fee calculations, VAT4U ensures a transparent collaborative partnership with clients, promoting trust and openness in VAT management.


Our Team

Dr. Fabian Völkel

Managing Director VAT4U

Founder of VAT4U. PhD and LL.M. (tax). 20+ years in cross-border VAT environment, including Big4.

Damien Moras

Managing Director VAT4U

Founder of VAT4U. Business school background. 15+ years in financial risk management and costs optimization consultancy.

Ann Jones

Managing Partner, VAT4U UK

25+ years experience in the VAT world. Drove teams across multiple global accounts from different sectors.

Fernando Matesanz

Managing Partner, VAT4U Madrid

20 years of experience in VAT. Practicing attorney. President of the Madrid VAT Forum. Member of the EU Commission’s EU VAT Forum.

François Mary

Managing Partner, VAT4U France

20+ years experience in finance and tax services. Managed a dedicated business unit with 140 team members.

Loris Beretta

Managing Partner, VAT4U Italy

27+ years in Fiscal & HR law. Directed projects in complex context in many sectors.

Paul Cramer

Managing Partner, VAT4U Netherlands

30 years career in the VAT advisory and consultancy including Big4.

Sherman Roy

Managing Partner, VAT4U India

15+ years experience in VAT refunds for EU and certain regions in APAC, VAT registration & returns for EU & Australia, VAT compliance.


Security and Compliance

At VAT4U, implementing effective cybersecurity practices is fundamental to ensuring the safeguarding of sensitive data and thereby securing trust with our clients.

VAT4U is SOC 2 certified, underscoring our commitment to the highest levels of security and compliance. From employing encryption protocols to implementing multi-factor authentication for access controls, we meticulously scrutinize and fortify every aspect of data handling.

Developed by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), a leading organization in the field of accounting and auditing, SOC 2 establishes stringent standards for how organizations must manage and protect client data. 

This certification ensures that third-party service providers like VAT4U store, process, and handle data in a secure and compliant manner, adhering to the highest industry standards.


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