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VAT4U Announces Integration with SAP Concur 

Strategic Partnership: Unlocking End-to-End T&E Management VAT4U has recently become a partner of SAP Concur, the global leader in travel management solutions. This collaboration integrates VAT4U’s innovative VAT management technology

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Case Study

Discover how Airbus has increased VAT recovery by 136%

Airbus chose VAT4U Travel as a strategic partner to streamline and automate their VAT management process, selecting it for its advanced technology and optimal integration with their new Travel Expenses system and partners. Discover the challenges, solutions, and remarkable outcomes of this digital transformation.

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Cybersecurity – Best Practices for VAT Management 

Central to VAT management is the handling of sensitive financial data, including transaction details, customer records, tax filings and employee’s Personal Data. Protecting this data from unauthorized access, manipulation, or theft is critical to maintaining the integrity of VAT processes and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

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