Optimize VAT reclaim for Accounts Payable and mitigate risk of leakage and compliance

For both local and foreign transactions


Optimize your VAT reclaim process: better result at a lower cost

Optimize VAT Reclaim

Identify every eligible VAT claim opportunity for any of your local and cross border transactions.

Improve VAT compliance

Optimize and automatise the filing and motironing of VAT refund claims to mitigate compliance risk.

Minimize VAT Leakage

Prevent potential VAT management errors and losses through efficient reconciliation processes.


Optimize your VAT reclaim process

vat4u connect

Seamless ERP data and invoice importation via API interfacing. Automatically match ERP data with invoice scans, saving time and ensuring accuracy.

vat4u comply

Deploys AI to identify invalid documents, pinpointing small details that may disqualify an invoice for VAT recovery and ease the invoice correction process with vendors.

vat4u calculate

With over 2,000 tax rules, VAT4U CALCULATE accurately identifies recoverable VAT for all Accounts Payable transactions. It seamlessly handles automated assessment of reciprocities between countries and special deduction rights.

vat4u match

Utilizes AI to enrich data where needed and detect inconsistencies in Accounts Payable data and documents, streamlining reconciliation processes and identifying VAT recovery leakages caused by accounting issues.

vat4u report

Generates comprehensive reports with a high level of data granularity, meeting the needs of both risk management and VAT recovery requirements.


Streamlines VAT filing process with automated submissions to tax portals, generation, and compression of VAT claim attachments. It also includes a query handling module that monitors status and ensures claim success.

50 %

VAT recovery success


Trust us with your VAT claims, focus on your core

Our team of experts conducts thorough VAT audits and implements our Smart AI technology to identify and rectify VAT leakage, ensuring optimal VAT recovery, compliance, and efficiency.


Integrate VAT4U AP with your systems

VAT4U AP seamlessly integrates with leading ERP systems and accounting software such as Quickbooks, Oracle, Sage, SAP.

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