Automate and streamline all aspects of the VAT management process

For VAT recovery and VAT compliance

WHY VAT4U expert?

Save time, enhance performance, and improve compliance

Reduce processing time

Eliminate manual efforts and streamline the processing, calculation, compliance, and recovery of VAT transactions.

Improve VAT compliance

With constant updates on the latest VAT regulations from various jurisdictions, VAT4U Expert helps navigate the complex and ever-changing landscape of VAT regulations, ensuring enhanced compliance.

Customizable platform

Tailor the VAT4U Expert platform to meet your specific needs and those of your clients. Personalize the platform with your company logo and create customized dashboards for each client.


Strengthen your business growth

VAT4U Expert is designed to empower tax professionals to deliver exceptional VAT services to their clients.
It is a robust platform that combines advanced VAT4U SmartAI technology with expert knowledge. 

In addition to the main SmartAI features, our technology offers a range of add-on features that simplify the VAT management process for multiple clients across different countries simultaneously.


Designed to empower VAT Experts to streamline their day-to-day work

VAT4U Smart AI can be deployed in 4 solutions to streamline your VAT management for Travel, Accounts Payable, e-commerce, and for Experts.

High Connectivity
Ready-to-use connectors to premiums T&E systems: Amadeus Cytric, Chrome River, Concur and more.
VAT Engine
Automatically determine the invoice compliance and potential VAT amount to be recovered on each transaction.
Availability, Security & Scalability
Ensure seamless cloud access, fortified protection, and effortless expansion.
Multi-country Filing
Simplify claim and tax return submissions in various countries directly with VAT4U Expert.
Account Management
Automate contracts, manage multi-entity groups, calculate complex pricing, and handle invoicing effortlessly.
Customized Branding
Deploy your brand identity and customize your client experience.

Deliver exceptional VAT services to your clients

Integrate high-end technology to attract new customers, grow your business without an increase in your operational costs. Discover all that VAT4U Expert has to offer by contacting a member of our team.


Integrate VAT4U EXPERT with your system

VAT4U EXPERT offers easy integration with API connector to allow automated data transfer from any system

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