VAT4U Announces Integration with SAP Concur 

Strategic Partnership: Unlocking End-to-End T&E Management

VAT4U has recently become a partner of SAP Concur, the global leader in travel management solutions. This collaboration integrates VAT4U’s innovative VAT management technology driven by AI with SAP Concur, ensuring that travelers and tax teams no longer need to worry about the complexities of VAT.

“Partnering with SAP Concur, a front-runner in travel management, aligns perfectly with our mission to simplify and optimize VAT management on Travel Expenses. We are delighted to join forces and enhance the travel and expense management process for businesses globally.” 

Damien Moras, Co-founder of VAT4U

SAP Concur: Leading Provider of Integrated Travel Management Solutions

SAP Concur is a leading provider of integrated travel and expense management services. It simplifies the travel process by automating expense reporting and invoice management, making it easier for companies to focus on strategic business objectives. With a robust set of management tools, SAP Concur helps businesses oversee their spending and gain insights that can lead to significant cost savings.

The Strength of Combining a Travel Management Tool with an Automated VAT Management Tool

The VAT4U & SAP Concur Integration delivers a powerful solution for global T&E management. By integrating VAT4U’s automated VAT recovery with SAP Concur Solutions, companies can ensure quick and accurate recording of travel expenses while enjoying hassle-free VAT recovery. This synergy not only saves time but also significantly reduces the chances of human error, providing a double assurance of efficiency and accuracy in managing finances.

Combining VAT4U with SAP Concur Solutions simplifies VAT recovery on travel expenses by automating the entire process. From data capture to compliance checks and filing claims, every step is optimized to ensure efficient and accurate VAT recovery for both local and foreign transactions. This not only boosts compliance and savings but also enhances overall operational efficiency.

Seamless and Easy Integration

VAT4U’s integration with your SAP Concur solution is designed to be straightforward and user-friendly. By automating the extraction and analysis of expense data, this partnership eliminates manual data entry and facilitates a smooth flow of information, empowering businesses to harness the full potential of their financial operations,

With an activation key, you can easily activate the flow of data with just a few clicks, streamlining the integration process efficiently.

Thinking About Getting Connected?

Are you using SAP Concur and interested in enhancing your experience with integrated VAT management?

To learn more about how VAT4U can transform your T&E processing, read more. If you have any questions or would like a closer look at how our solutions can benefit your organization, please contact us.


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